Printable Packing Lists

printable packing lists

We hate checking bags when we travel (which is probably obvious, given the name of our blog). For one, it means we’d have to get to the airport earlier, as well as wait at baggage claim once we land. It’s also such a pain to lug around a large and heavy checked bag-size suitcase throughout your whole vacation. And we just don’t find we need that much stuff. That being said, we have both spent a lot of time curating our travel gear (and continue to do so) so that it fits in a personal item and carry-on suitcase – it’s definitely not always easy.

These packing lists are designed to guide you along as you start to think about packing for your trip. The packing posts for each destination go into the details of the specific items we own and packed, as well as the lessons we learn along the way. Please use these lists in the way that best works for you, your packing (and personal) style, and your trip.


Austria (fall)


England (fall)


Iceland (winter)


Scotland (summer)